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Hip and knee care - Information for referrers


For osteoarthritis of hip and knee, Cortoclinics is the recommended next step for client and referrer. Cortoclinics guarantees leading expertise in hip and knee osteoarthritis and replacement. With Schijndel as home base, an hour's drive from Amsterdam, Cortoclinics serves clients in the Eindhoven, Den Bosch region and far beyond.

Cortoclinics offers:

Short access time for hip and knee care and replacement

Cortoclinics uses very short access times. The first consultation can take place on average one week after referral. After having opted for a replacement, the access time for surgical treatment is about two weeks.
Current access times for hip and knee care, please click here.

CortoClinics is affiliated with the digital communication platform Zorgdomein.

This digital environment contributes to the goals of Cortoclinics:

  • Good cooperation between healthcare providers
  • Faster and better treatment
  • Seamlessly linking care provision to care demand
  • Freedom of choice and control for the client

Offering day and evening clinic

After an inquiry with our clients, it appears that a large number of clients prefer to visit the clinic in the evening for consultation when they are referred to the CortoClinics. During the day people are busy with their work, and it is not as possible to 'go to the doctor'. For this reason, we include evening consultations in addition to the standard office hours. The evening consultation hours are for all clients, but if during an evening consultation it appears that additional diagnostics are necessary, such as an X-ray, this is not possible on the same day at Hospital Bernhoven in contrary with the regular office hours consultations.

Full reimbursement of all care

Cortoclinics provides insured care for all health insurers in the Netherlands. After a referral from the GP, the health insurer reimburses 60-100% of the costs for hip and knee care. Cortoclinics pays the remaining 40% - 0%. The client himself pays nothing outside his legally required "own risk".

A clear and transparent treatment pathway

CortoClinics gives the client clarity about his options, the course of treatment and his responsibilities. The treatment focus is on the goals that the client himself sets.
The communication with the referrer is transparent. Responsibilities of specialist, GP and client are recorded and communicated. Also, we monitor the progress of the treatment digitally. PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures)Zorgdomein and Zorgmail are essential tools used within CortoClinics.

The latest digital technology for hip and knee replacement

In November 2018, CortoClinics, as a leader in the Netherlands, performed the first hip and knee replacement using robotic-arm technology. This technology allows a much higher accuracy when positioning a prosthesis. Essential, because imperfectly placed or unstable prostheses often lead to complaints and new operations. CortoClinics is taking the next step in the treatment of hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Expertise with personalised care

In recent years, dr. Nanne Kort has developed a new standard for hip and knee care in which the client is the starting point. The wishes and goals of the client are guiding when choosing an invasive or non-invasive approach. Opportunities, possibilities and alternatives are made clear in advance. The result of the treatment at Cortoclinics is evaluated using PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures). This way, quality remains measurable and monitored. Nanne Kort also worked on optimisation of the medical-technical field. Using an adequate painkilling protocol and other scientifically based optimisations, such as no longer using drains and urinary catheters, he significantly accelerated the postoperative trajectory for the clients. This makes the client mobile again in a few hours after the operation. All this paved the way for hip and knee replacement in an outpatient setting — the consequences: a clearly increased well-being of the client and a better postoperative pathway.

The possibility of support and education in the area of hip and knee osteoarthritis

From 2019 CortoClinics offers accredited post-graduate education in the area of hip and knee osteoarthritis. CortoClinics also offers practical support. As a general practitioner or other referrers, you can consult very easily with one of our orthopedic surgeons when determining the policy for individual clients with hip and knee osteoarthritis. These consultations can take place by telephone, on location at CortoClinics and at your practice.

A client who suffers from hip or knee osteoarthritis ends up first at his GP and physiotherapist. He goes through the so-called conservative treatment of six months. If the treatment in these six months does not lead to the desired result, the general practitioner/physical therapist prepares the client for the referral to the orthopedic surgeon by the osteoarthritis protocol. In other words, together with the client, the primary care examines whether a hip or knee replacement for this client could be the right solution. Dr Nanne Kort has extensive experience with the osteoarthritis care pathway and can support you in your practice and the preparation for the referral to the orthopedic surgeon. For more information and support, please contact Dr Nanne Kort by email: or by phone: 06-51209221

We look forward to valuable cooperation!

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