Hip Surgery

Your Hip Surgery at CortoClinics

Your orthopedic surgeon will be implanting a new hip in a surgical operation. The surgery takes about an hour. You will be anesthetized for the duration of the surgery with either local epidural or general anesthesia.

The orthopedic surgeon starts by removing the damaged bone and cartilage. He then hollows out the hip socket so that the implant cups fit precisely into the bone. He also scrapes out some of the marrow from the upper thigh bone. An implant stem will be inserted into the space created; then, he mounts the ball of the artificial hip to that stem. The hip prosthesis thus becomes anchored to the bone. Moreover, the artificial hip is covered with a special coating that promotes bone ingrowth, so that the implant becomes firmly embedded.

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Latest Healthcare Technology Used for Hip Replacements

CortoClinics uses robotic-arm assisted technology in its hip replacement surgery: the Mako system from Stryker . This robotic arm helps the orthopedic surgeon accurately position the hip implant, producing results with a margin of error of less than a millimeter.

The Mako robotic arm has another important advantage: implant components can be placed using minimally invasive surgery. With this technique, the incision needed is smaller than with traditional hip replacement surgery. Equally important, there is less damage to the surrounding soft tissue, such as tendons and muscles. That means you recover faster.

After Hip Replacement Surgery

It takes about an hour to place the prosthetic hip joint. You then spend the night at the CortoClinics clinic, before immediately returning home the next morning. To achieve optimal results from your hip replacement surgery, you must work on your recovery at home. You will do this together with your physical therapist.

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